Adding value to your financial reporting

Running a successful business today, in any country, is full of challenges often created by economic conditions, incremental regulatory requirements, and stakeholder demands. The globalized economy has created an even greater set of challenges and represents continuous changes in the accounting profession and financial reporting needs. Our professional staff is trained to face these changes and is equipped with a high level of professional experience as well as the skepticism necessary to protect your interests in the face of today's business risks. No matter the nature of the situation, you can expect from our Firm a constructive and open dialogue as well as a sounding board to entertain new ideas and strategies in dealing with an ever-changing business environment.

Below please find a list of services available that can help your Organization's management meet today's financial reporting and compliance needs:

  • External audit services
  • Forensic audits
  • Non traditional engagements:
  • – Attestation examination and review engagements
    – Agreed-upon procedures
    – Monitoring procedures
    – Reporting on specified elements
    – Reporting on compliance
    – Reporting on internal control